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2000 Nissan Silvia Spec-R S15

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Professionally sprayed in VE Commodores 'Cruch' Yellow. its like new, body is straight and paint is mint.

BC Coilovers

Slotted Rotors

Lenso D1r's

Alloy Radiator

Splitfire coilpacks

2560r Turbo

And all the other usual mods

Theres more that i cant think of off hand at the moment. will add as i remember.


Full fusion sound system and dvd head unit

Overall its a meticulously maintained and cared for vechicle in beautiful condition inside out. Drives really well and pulls nicely.

interested in swaps for: 32/33 GTR, something with a built 25/30, Galant VR4 (worked), a light vechicle with 2jz or something much cheaper/stock plus the cash difference. basically something with a bit of engine work done. no built/worked SR20's unless im getting 10k+ my way, want something different. although i will consider all swap offers, those are mainly what im after.

Sorry picture quality is poor. i probs should do something about that, cos it really isnt doing it any justice...

0411 958 393 - ALEX





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