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V Upgrade Week!

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So excited for this week!

Got my Transgo Shift kit being installed as we speak!

Getting my exhaust done tomorrow, quad tips baby!

Got my z tube and JWT pop charger arriving from America wednesday and put my MD 5/16 Plenum spacer in last week.

Shes gonna be a beauty!

Need a tune??

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An Apexi AFC Neo is the current model (and is pretty awesome too) - and can be found about the place for $400-$500. Then a tune on top you are looking around $400 I think - or if you join up with SAU:SA you get a 10% discount from Willalls (which covers your whole membership cost in a single discount).

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I got an Osirus tune from UpRev in the US. Cost me $700 for the tuner package (allows me to selftune on my own laptop) and just paid for a Dyno. I got around 10WHP. Although americans are claiming to get 30+ but we all know their dyno numbers are stupidly inflated.

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I see.

I might look into it a bit later on down the track. I'll see how happy I am with all these upgrades. I'm sure I will be stoked. And still very keen for our cruise on the 24th of june! If people can still make it.

Sheldon...how did you find the shift kit? Please give me hope haha

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It's weird that most chatter on the US forums says that the shift kit does bugger all on the V35 - and I have had a few people tell me that Mike from MV Automatics actually talked them OUT of doing it, as a waste of money. So I had never considered bothering. But recently I have heard a couple of people say that it is awesome. I am confused.

But I will be keen to see what yours is like Sam (and how much it cost in total).

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You must get the shift kit!!!

Holy S^%@, insane! Well worth every penny.

Dangerous to even drive half fast on wet roads. The tranny is so quick with its shift and it feels unbelievable!

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I fitted the shift kit in my M35 stagea and a big improvement. You V guys will notice a bigger improvement than me as the M35 ECU retards timing on shifting where as I don't think the V does, resulting in a firmer shift than what the M35 gets. It drives as smooth as standard on low throttle even though it changes quicker and with extra throttle it changes really quick and firmer without flaring but no 2nd gear chirping due to the awd.

To me this is a must do mod. And if your confident with turning the spanners do it yourself. I did mine and it's not hat hard, just take your time and have a mate there to double check everything.

MV also told me not to bother doing it as he said not enough improvement but after doing it, it's deffinately worth it.

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