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Need A Mechanic In Sydney To Do Compression Test

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Im looking to purchase a R34 GTT in the next few weeks from an import place in Guildford.

I plan to look at the car on the 21st & would like to get a compression test done whilst im inspecting it.

Is anyone on here able to do it for me & what would you charge?

Thanks in advance

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If you are not able to do a compression test yourself it would probably be a good idfea to get a mobile mechanic to do it and generally check the car out.

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Im happy to do it myself but im flying down from Brisbane so won't have any tools & dono how happy the seller will be for me (not a qualified mechanic) to be pulling off coil packs, crossover pipe ect ect.

Can anyone recommend a mobile mechanic that wont charge me an arm & a leg to do a comp test? Im happy to do the rest of the inspection myself.

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