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Rattle On V35?

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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this. I hear a rattle when I go over little bumps on the road. Specially when driving around the city. The car is under warranty and the guys could not find anything. I suggested sway bar links and brakes and still i can hear them. Any other suggestions I could suggest when they next look at my car?

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Try the steering rack ends. If worn, they will knock over bumps.

What is with the "guys could not find anything"? You took them for a drive to show them the noise right?

If not, you need to. It doesn't sound like it's very hard to "find"; just drive the car...

If there is a knock, they need to fix it, they don't knock from the factory. Sounds like they might be giving you the run around, so you fix it yourself.

These guys are qualified mechanics right? You shouldn't need to make the suggestions; they get paid by their employer to do that.

Best of luck.

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Its more of a rattle than a knock. just sounds like two lose plates that hit each other every bump. its coming from the rear drivers rather than where the steering is.

They have checked the brakes and links on the sway bars then they said its the handbrake link. After getting the handbrake link replace it was still rattle and is definitely coming from the rear drivers. The car is warranted for 5yrs and just purchased the car this year. I am hoping they'd fix this without using my warranty because it was in the caryard's 3month warranty. Its a reputable caryard so I wont mention any names. However they dont specialise in Nissans lol.

Otherwise drives great!

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