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Need Help With Electronic Key For R34


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Hi folks, just a quick question, I recently had a shocker while fishing in salt water and forgot my electronic key for my R34 was in my pocket! When I realised the damage was already done, I opened it up a few days later and it did not look good! I took it to a mister minute in my local shopping centre and they had a look to see if it was fixable but the inside was so corroded and there opinion was that it was screwed. Does anyone have any idea if this could be fixed and if not how would I go about getting a replacement electronic key? Would Nissan still supply? If not what other options? Any idea on cost?

Any info would be very much appreciated.

Cheers. Aaron

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If it is a GT-T and has an aftermarket alarm / immoboliser in it, chances are you can just get a standard key cut from for example - mister minute and should open doors and start car - etc. It does not have the same level of NATS security as R34 GTR.

Just a cut key will obviously not have the buttons on it (which if you have an aftermarket alarm, are normally disabled anyway).

This is from the experiences I have had with my previous R34 GT-T's anyway. Hope it helps.

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