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Wtb: 3" Cat Back Exhaust For R33 Gtst


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It really depends on what you are looking for - either a top shelf stainless unit for big bucks or something cheap.

If you want something cheap and loud (front muffler replaced with straight pipe) then I have a 3" exhaust in Woillongong that you can have for $50.




As you can see from the last picture there is some damage from scrapping on the ground but this is reflected in the price. It would be easy to weld some plate over this section (what I was going to do) as this is the lowest part of the exhaust and some extra strength would be good if it were to scrape in the future (depends on how low your car is).

Please contact me by PM if your are interested and would like to have a look at it.

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hi mate, check my forsale thread here:


$150, DRIFT Autobarn Exhaust, full stainless, tig welded, and has a small resonator. Will be removing this weekend to install new exhaust.

You're welcome to come my mate check it out, then install it if you're happy, I can do it for you for a slab of beer lol

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