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[Qld] [Fs] 00' Nissan Silvia Spec R With 458.9Hp 2Jz-Gte

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Year: 2000

Make: Nissan

Model: AUS Delivered Silvia Spec R

Kms: 127xxxkm

Transmission: 5 speed manual

Rego: Can be supplied, road worthy included


Up for sale is my 2jz powered S15. I’m looking at buying a house or rental property so this must go. This is an extremely quick car yet still can quietly drive around town without any hassles. I am the 3rd owner since the conversion was done. There are a few Nissan S15 in Australia with this conversion, so this is a chance to own something very unique. Engine, gearbox, turbo and FMIC are mod plated/engineering certificate.

The car makes 458.9rwhp @1.2bar. The only drawback from the car making more power is the undersized fuel system. With bigger injectors (1000cc can be supplied at a price) and maybe a surge tank, power figures could be around the 550-600hp mark without drawing a sweat.

No expense spared when servicing with recently rebuilt turbo (over $1000), new steampipe manifold and turbo gaskets. Rebuilt power steering pump with new lines rated to 2800psi. Rebuilt clutch by NPC. New timing belt, new serpentine belt for alternator and p/s. New oil cooler. Near new KUMHO ECSTA XS semi slicks tyres ($800). Serviced every 5000km with full synthetic oils and new coolant


Factory Pearl White

Factory Sunroof

Factory Spec R side skirts

Carbon Fibre Boot Lid (factory boot supplied)

Front Chin Lip



Custom engine mounts


4 inch intake

Innovative T76 Turbo (ceramic coated)

Braided turbo cooling lines

Steam pipe exhaust manifold (ceramic coated)

68mm external wastegate w/ screamer (ceramic coated)

4 inch dump pipe (ceramic coated)

3.5 inch straight through exhaust

Varex Muffler


Custom IC piping

80mm throttle body

Greddy copy plenum welded on to factory runners

Aftermarket radiator

Twin thermofans

Oil cooler

Catch can

Magnafuel pressure reg

GTR fuel pump

Removed A/C pump

Engine dampener

Standard 430cc injectors


Haltech E11v2 ECU

Blitz Dual SBC spec R

Blitz racing boost meter DCII


R154 gearbox

Custom gearbox mounts

Custom OS Giken super single plate

V8 supercar style thrust bearing

Push pull type clutch slave kit

Custom J shifter to suit interior

Trust shift knob

Custom one-piece tail shaft

Factory LSD

Project Mu NS rear pads

Factory suspension

Strut brace


Black Racing Pro N1 17x8 fronts, 17x9 rears

Kumho KU36 ecsta xs semi slick 235/45 front 255/40 rears

Forged wheel lugs











Price: $27000 Firm


No test pilots, a deposit will be needed for test drives.

Serious inquires only.

No Lowball offers.

Location: Brisbane

Contact: PM me or Call/MSG on 

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