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Hicas Ecu Removal Help

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Is it possible to remove the hicas ecu, and keep the power steering?

Currently i have everything standard, but i need to clear the parcel shelf so was hoping to be able to chop all the hicas components including the ecu and wiring. I'm competent enough to divert them to something/somewhere else if neccessary, whoever i really want to do away with it all together.

Getting a full kit for the hicas, similar to the bycas system

Going to remove the back part of the pump and loop the holes up

As above, i hate the heavy steering so would like it back to normal after the work is complete.

The more removed, the better.

Is it just easier to lock the hicas up, scrap everything and get a power steering pump etc off of a diferent car which isnt speed sensitive?

Help needed!

Thanks in advance

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