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Anyone Interested In A Urethane Nismo V2 Front Bumper Group Buy?

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I have been looking all over for a Nismo front bar. Can't find one in Aus, so have been looking overseas. Shipping price alone on a single bar from the USA is around $500.

So I have been in contact with a guy in the USA who is willing to ship to Aus (ALL other sellers didn't even respond let alone give me a quote) on these bars:


Note that these are made of Urethane (like oem), so unlike even the genuine Nismo bars (which are made of fibreglass) these are extremely flexible and will not break. I have learnt my lesson with fibreglass bars - they just do not last. Yes the Nismo bars are a much higher quality and flexibility than other fibreglass bars, but I have still seen them crack.

So is anyone else keen if I buy a few of these suckers? Price at this stage delivered anywhere in Australia is around $700, which is very cheap for a Nismo V2 Urethane bar! $100 cheaper if you are from Adelaide and can pick up from me. Go have a look at what people on SAU have sold Stillen/Chargespeed and other front bars for, and you will see that $700 is an absolute bargain.

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This is the exact front bar I want uh huh :yes: And $700 shipped is a steal. I am interested but will have to run it through finances first.

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Yeah man, but things are a tad different now - I was looking at bringing in 5 bars in one box, and as such could get the price down to around $700 each at the time. BUT postage prices have gone up significantly in the USA in recent months, and I also realised that I will most certainly get pinged by customs bringing in 5 bars (well over the $1k threshhold), so would get stung a heap in customs fees/duties and GST. So I have done the numbers on 3 bars and can get 3 landed here for around $900 each, then about $100 shipping to any capital city.

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