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Jun Plenum Install Acc Help

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Hey Guys,

It's been awhile since Ive worked on my GTR and I need a handle installing a JUN plenum. I need to know what I do with my ACC valve. My original acc valve is still mounted in the factory location and my JUN plenum has a acc valve bolted on the base of it. Now if i use the one bolted on the base of the plenum what am i doing with the factory located one. I read that I need a air feed plumbed in before the throttle body but im not sure which pipe that'll go to.

Heres a picture so you can see what im talking about-



Then the second question is i need to know what lines go to what on the plenum top and bottom. The fittings on the top will get replaced for some new barbed fittings. If someone could take me through which line goes to which barb that would be a huge help.


Thanks for any help and assistance,


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