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R32 Speedo Annoying Ticking ?


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Hey i have recently just purchased a r32 4 dr with an rb25 in it. Anyways the annoying noise is like a loud "ticking" i have diagnosed the speedo as the ticking is in sync with the speedo needle if it makes sense (flicks to the ticking :P). It has a rb20 gearbox though even though the doosh told me it was a 25 box. I just did the clutch a week ago and asked my mechanic if its possible to grease the Assembly and he said keep grease away from it.

Is this a common problem for them ? I DID search and found a similar problem but it only happened when above a certain speed. Some speed alert thing. Mine happens regardless of speed.

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If it sounds like a deck card flicking against a bike spoke, then I would say with almost 100% certainty that it is the speedo cable.

Mine snapped a month or two ago after making this clicking noise for some time.

Either one or two things fail. The end of the speedo drive "key" which inserts into your cluster breaks off the cable itself. OR the cable itself breaks like mine did from old age.

Easiest way to check:

  1. remove cluster to reveal the key which fits in the back of your cluster.
  2. Unscrew speedo cable from speedo drive located on the gearbox (do not remove the speedo drive itself!)
  3. Spin cable at speedo drive end. If the key at the cluster end does not rotate, you have yourself a broken cable.

IIRC ~100 dollars from Nissan and you can have yourself a new one. Check on Just Jap or Kudos motorsport for a replacement. May be cheaper than Nissan (most likely)

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