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Car Spikes To Redline Once Past 3K Rpm!

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Hey sau tried searching for an answer to try and avoid hassle but with no avail,

As topic states i would have my my foot to the floor and once 3k is passed it revs to redline like crazy but without the boost to go along with it.

Is this boost creep or is it somfin else?

Need some advice sau?

Ive got a hdi electronic boost controller with hdi

solenoid on 11.5 psi if this helps.


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I was really hoping it wasnt gonna be that, ive got a heavy duty exedy on it figuring that would last but i guess i will have to get a new one , and yes it does grab on 1st gear fine but once second and third or so on is in it just slips , i was driving it again this arvo and i found that if i slowly moved upto 3k it seems to grab on but then the next gear just slips anyway,

Thanks for the advice guys

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Definitely clutch mate. Luckily you've got a 33 so it should have a push type clutch, cheaper to buy and much easier to change. If you can do it yourself then you can probably do it in about 2-3 hours on your shed floor with the help of a mate.

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Yeh i might have to do it myself , will i need to change the flywheel while im at it or can i keep the stock one on and just change the clutch itself? Will be going through the clutch threads on here On a good and cheap one.

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