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Location Of Attesa Ground Points? Code 16 Ecs

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Greetings from Sasebo Japan. I have a 1993 GTR that is pretty much stock minus exhaust and Apexi PC, anyways to the point, my problem is code 16 from the Attesa ECS. Now this is the weird thing.

When the 4WD and the ABS lights come on the pump starts what sounds like a purge and then stops. Lights come on either 10 minutes into driving or when I first start moving.

I have check the reservoir when on and it looks to have fluid above the max line? Now should it be bleed out until it gets between min and max?

Also anybody know the location of the grounds for the system to check those because I also previously had the issue where when it rain it would go into RWD...not good ;)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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