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How Much Castor With Whiteline Adjustable Bushes?

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My whiteline castor bushes couldnt get more than about 5-5.5 degrees. Sydneykid reckoned 6-7 degrees was the limit of these replacement bushes.If you're after more its best to go with a fully adjustable caster arm with a threaded shaft and rose joint (aka rod end) connection. Much more adjustment, just not ADR approved.

IMO run as much castor as you can get away with. To a point!!!

Caster promotes favourable cambering of the wheels specific to the corner (left hand bend - inside and outside wheels camber towards the inside of the corner) to promote higher lateral grip.

However, There are a few disadvantages to running alot of caster. With symmetric geometry, the effect of caster in a left steer situation is to roll the car to the right causing diagonal weight transfer. This will generally lead to the car bearing more load on the right rear tyre, unloading the left rear. This leads to reduced traction when exiting corners.

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The offset will never allow a huge amount of caster increase. I would suggest a pair of Kazama/Cusco/Ikeya/TEIN caster rods if you want to achieve specific alignment settings.

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