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For Sale 1998 R34 Gt-T Coupe

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Hi folks, so my car is going up for sale.

Its a white 1998 model Skyline R34 GT-T, 2.5litre NEO straight 6 turbo, Coupe, Semi-Automatic, excellent condition inside and out, no mechanical issues, body is very straight, paint is very good, few little nicks and scratches here or there which is to be expected with a car of this age but nothing noticeable, no rust, interior is very tidy, no rips/tears. very reliable, good solid example of an R34. 203,000km's.

I have the logbook and car manual from japan too. Asking price is $10,500

*18 inch rims and two new tyres, other two will be replaced if they do not pass the roady.

*Tinted windows.

*3 inch mild steel exhaust from turbo back and K&N pod filter.

*Lowered about an inch, still very practical to drive.

*Strut brace.

*Jvc mp3 head unit.

Other than these mods the car is stock standard, boost has not been altered, nothing has been messed around with.

Car has QLD rego til16/08/12, I will be providing a roadworthy/safety slip upon sale. Everything works as it should and all the instruments read normal, temps,pressure etc. The car has been carefully maintained, im a mature owner, not a hoon. Car has a clear title and nothing owing on it.

Im happy to ship the car interstate but it will be at the buyers expense and the money will need to be cleared first. if you would like to take a look at it thats fine,I live just off the southern end of the Gold Coast in Kingscliff, I work long hours though so it would have to be after about 7pm, any night is ok. I cannot usually answer the phone at work so please text or leave a voicemail and ill return your call asap,or you can just pm me on here.

My name is Aaron

ph - 0414 660 938

email - [email protected]



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Price drop to $10,000 neat! Need this to go soon for my trip OS. I will need a cheap runabout car or bike for when I come back home so I may be interested in a part cash part car/bike deal, I don't want a car/bike over the value of $2,000 though as I need mostly cash for my trip. If anyone wants to ask any further questions about the car or has any offers feel free to pm or call (leave a MSG or text if I don't answer and I'll get back to you ASAP).

Cheers guys. Aaron

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