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Registration R34 Gt-T

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i got my rego papers and it telling me my 1998 skyline gt-t coupe is 1512kgs so im in the highest paying bracket.

ive been looking at stats online and they are all saying my car should be 1410kgs.

there for save my self 100 bucks if my car is 1410kgs

anyone else had this problem ?

link from the rta for prices


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sounds like GTR weight, i have a stagea, so im in the 1600kg bracket.

might have to give the RTA a call and ask em?

From memory the r34 gtt was 1410-1480kg depending on setup

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I have the original brochure from the 2000 gtt and it says 1430 manual 1450 auto coupe

The sedan was over 1700

I can scan it and email it to you , most in in japanese except a lot of the specs are both english and japanese

Its only a gt and gtt model brochure not gtr

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