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Manual Gearbox Strength Gts4 Rb20Det

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I blew my auto gearbox in my r33 well lost 3rd/4th changing to manual friggen r33 gearboxs are expensive even with k's on them and in need of a rebuild and synchros have got a few options just want to find out a bit about strength of the boxs

can get a gts4 rb20det r32 box for $250 I know it's 4wd and didnt really want to stuff around but its cheap so wondering is the internals the same as the rb20det r32 box/rb25de(r33) or is it beefed up more like the gtr box? otherwise how do the r33(rb25de)/r32(rb20det) boxs cope compared to the r32(rb25det) boxs trying to keep things cheap as $1400 for a r33 box that really needs a rebuild is a bit over-rated

if the gts4 box is stronger than a r32(rb20det gtst) then I'll grab that otherwise I guess I'll have to keep looking

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yeah I got the GTS4 box as its the same as the gtr box just different 2nd and 3rd gears same strength though, cut and rewelded the tunnel fabed up a couple of new mounting points got a r33 gtr active diff and tailshaft and pumps etc and made a controller for the pumpI'll finish it up on the weekend when i get some time I'll set up the front drives in a month or 2 once I've got a subframe and the time to align it etc already have a front sump and front shafts sorted so just a couple of extra bits and pieces I'll keep an eye out for....

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