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32 Gtr Windscreen Seals

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Plus 1 for the above info.

Its gonna be expensive cause u need someone to reseal them etc etc.

By door seals do you mean the ones that join the windows?? i.e. where the top window corner fits in to.

These get holes from windows etc, i just filled my old ones with rubber glue bonder??? something a rather and masking taped them up. did the job and looked quite neat. lasted quite awhile till i had to do it again then no problems at all with it..

interested to hear prices!

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I ordered the seals which are fitted to the door, and also the ones fitted to the car and contact the door windows, at the same time. From the description on my receipt, I can't really differentiate between the two types of seals. RRP for each is either $240 or $211 depending on which one you are after.

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