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Wanted: A31 Cefiro Parts


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Brought a project and need a few parts ..

drivers sunvisor

chrome detail around all windows

handbrake lever

both side rear interior door handles


coin box cover by fuses

right hand front guard

front bar indicators (only the plug not actual cover)

Im in Albany WA =)

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Believe me I've searched every single relevant website on the internet for an English workshop manual.

It doesn't exist. Just post topics in the 4-door section when you need help on stuff.

Driver's side visor, coin box, external trims and front guard, try Sleeka Spares or Japanes Import Spares (in that order) (both in SA)

Interior door handles I do believe are the same (including the surrounding trim) as R32 4 door. Might even be same as fronts as well, not sure.

Handbrake lever can be taken from R32/R33, etc. Either need to find a factory manual handbrake bracket, make a bracket, or space the handbrake off the floor by about 20mm somehow.

Front bar indicator plugs will be Nissan universal, so go raid any Nissan wreck.

Front windshield $350 fitted from O'Brien'.

EDIT: Unless anybody in here has that stuff, haha

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hi thanks for that ..a guy pm'd me on here a few days ago saying he had most of it but havent heard back =|

i did find an owners manual on a site called jpnz.co.nz but they want 150 requests before they print a workshop manual in english and theres only been like 20 something people so far ..sucky

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