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Non Turbo R33 S2 Newcastle

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As the name describes its a R33 series 2 5 speed manual, white and completely stock apart from tien springs, dvd player and 6x9 speakers in the rear, I will be selling in a month or 2

the only differences now compared to the photo attached is now it doesn't have the front lip, the fog lights are yellow and the surrounds are carbon wrapped and the wheels are 16inch 4 and 5 drilled for a hub conversion that I never got around to

I am the first owner in Australia and have all the import/ compliance papers, has 86xxx kms on the clock, came from japan with 65xxx, rego till October, has a slight tare in the drivers seat that has been patched up.

Make an offer if interested and we can talk and i'll be in touch when it is for sale.


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