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got pulled over by qbn cops for a standard RBT (they had a setup).

After the check, the cop asked whether my car was supercharged! I said no, It is a factory turbo at which point he asked me to drive further along to another cop.

This is where it got interested. They insisted on going over the car (which is a relatively stock R33).

They said the following (I'd be interested in whether this is correct?)

Pod Needs to be boxed, i received a fine for this (I was of the understanding it just had to be mounted with a metal bracket which I have dont professionally. I also advised that the car had been running with that for 4 years and passed rego inspections (nsw) each year.

Coilovers. Apparently coilovers are illegal?? you are not aloud to have adjustable front suspension?

I'm thinking WTF considering these were bought as 'street' coilovers and professionaly installed. I ended up getting a warning for these.

Turbo Timer, Apparently any turbo timer that continues to stay on after the key is out is illegal? (ok surely this is a joke?). I advised him that he turbo timer had been professionally installed and the car turns off if the handbrake is realeased while the turbo timer is on. At this point they decided to give me a warning for this.

Ride height, I got a warning for the road height even though it is running at stock height!!!! was told because of the exahust (Trust power extreme 2) that it would be too low.

All in all I guess I should feel lucky that i only got the one fine and the rest were warnings. That said, I really felt like they didnt know what they were doing and were just trying to get me for something. Strange considering I was especially polite to them!

So my main question, Is the pod illegal if it is not boxed? Is there any point asking for leniancy based on the fact that it has passed rego so often?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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They have been told to be harsh on our cars. There was a signifcant drop on defecting modified cars in the previous year or so they have been told to improve the stats.

Pod filter as long as it is appropriately secured at least in the ACT.

If I was you I would feel lucky.

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Some of these things depend whether the car is registered in the ACT or NSW. In NSW pod filter needs to be enclosed but in the ACT it should be fine as long as is secured.

As for coilovers I've never had an issue (in 6 years) with mine in ACT but have been told since mine had its last inspection that they need to be engineered now and marked so that you don't go adjusting them.

As for turbo timer I'm not sure but as Sin said i think you got off fairly lightly here :)

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Pods in NSW need to be boxed, stupid rule with no understanding of the reasons behind why the law was first put in place. ACT as long as they are secured they are ok in ACT, but can still be fined in NSW is my understanding.

Coilovers adjustable need to be engineered ACT or NSW and marked or made un ride height adjustable. Considering the GTR comes out with coilovers stock, it is only the adjustability that is an issue.

Turbo timer, as the cops said is also my understanding but there may be leeway for it beign tied to the handbrake. Don't race the car then instantly turn the car off and you don't need a timer. The rules defeat the purpose of having a timer.

Exhust being too low, could possibly be, have you measured it? Did they?

And as Sin said they just want to get stats up, cops are cops. Even with engineers certs they can and do still book people.


1. Get the pods boxed

2. Get the coilovers engineered ($500 last time I checked)

3. Find the legislation that allows the turbo timer set up you have, keep it in the car.

4. Measure the ride height and get it enginnered with the coilovers.

5. Unless you passed rego at a government run place, it serves no one any good to blame those that passed the car. We might want to use that place later.

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I might add.

Dont go arguing that it passed rego in NSW every year.

All your going to do is make your mechanic lose his license and or get a big fine.

Then next time you go to get rego he will pick on every single thing like the cops have done.

Good luck finding a mechanic as lenient as the one you currently have.

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If a car is rego'd in act can it be defected in nsw or vice versa?

I always thought the pod had to be boxed.

I know height adjustable suspension is illegal no matter what and they measure ride height from the lowest point on the car from memory. If that's your exhaust then I'd say it sounds legit.

I think you were lucky you didn't have to tak it to an inspection station.

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Thanks for the replies guys - appreciate it.

Car is NSW registered. I have no intention of driving a car with illegal mods, this is my daily driver car so I really need to make sure it stays on the road.

I was just curious as i thought I had done everything legally - ie I purchased the specific bracket for the pod so it was secure, etc, etc. I guess i was wrong but then again I had been talking to Canberra mechanics. Not Queanbeyan. Never knew about the adjustable coilovers!!!!!!

I've already ordered a box for my Pod - happy to put that on ASAP.

I'm not worried about my ride height as im quite sure this is much higher than needed - its obvious.

I guess I'll talk to someone about getting the coilovers engineered - Not really keen on doing this as I only put them in as my original shocks were stuffed.

Definetly not complaining about the mechanics that did the check - and will not be adding them to the discussion. I just thought it was weird cos in my mind I was doign everything right!!

Lesson learnt!

Thanks again

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Having gone through some of this in NSW.

1. Get the pod boxed or get if engineered as i had to put a cover over one on the crx and the engineer was happy with this.

2. Get the coilovers engineered ($500 last time I checked) which will give a few items

The coilovers have to be marked and also have the nuts tacked together so they cant be moved.

3. Find the legislation that allows the turbo timer set up you have, keep it in the car. I dont think this is legal in any car thats a manual.

I have one and also previously had a remote started wired in my old car.

It states that it needs to have it wired into an auto car when in P.

It cost me $550ish which got the rims, steering wheel, pod filter and a cannon muffler done on the crx I had!

If you need anymore help let me know.

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NSW was pretty lenient every time i got checked with my old setup, the car was quiet and stock looking height (it does have coilovers)... I think you got away pretty lightly considering... IF you have an apexi pen type fit it right up in the right hand corner of the screen and you cant see it from the outside, or the inside actually but thats where mine is fitted (Not that i use it)....

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FYI, when I got my coilovers engineered, engineer told me that turbo timer is only legal on Manual cars (in NSW). Pod is ok if it's shielded & secure, doesn't have to be boxed off completely. Also, coils aren't measured specifically, just eye level of wheel in arch & lowest point of car from ground (in my case bodykit)

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Turbo timers are illegal full stop. Apparently if you crash there is the chance it will keep acc power on and feed fuel to the flame.

ACT pod filter are legal if properly secured

ACT you used to need Coilovers engineered, then it was changed to "you need a Dickson only inspection" and now Coilovers are everywhere and get passed everywhere, if we inspect a car that has been defected for too low and it's been lifted, we need to paint mark the spring seat and lower hub mount so we can see if it's changed if they get caught again to cover our ass.

My missus got pulled into the same inspection at jerra roundabout, they put the stagea over their ramps and looked over it, didnt mention the stiff as hell Coilovers or 18x9.5" et20 wheels out the guards or the FMIC. Depends on attitude of you or the mood of the cop at the time.

All and all the police know slim to shit all and defect cars for 6year old rules, like 18" on a car that came factory with 15" cos it's more than 2" increase either though the tyres these days can meet OD and loadratings easily. Just like the old 100mm low rule which is now:

1-must be 100mm high with 58kgs in each seat

2-must maintain 2/3rds of original bumpstop travel

3- must be above preset eyebrow heights (centrecap of wheel vertically to guard) these are different from model to model and can be obtained by calling dicksons VITU (vehicle inspections technical unit)

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