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Hi-Flow Turbo For Rb25/r33


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I need a bolt on turbo good for 230-260 rwkw @ 17-20 psi. Needed this week or at the latest next week.

There are a couple for sale in the classifieds section but they are still on cars and the sellers seem uninterested in removing them. It is either available for sale or it's not... honestly!

Anyway I'm hoping someone has one that is not on a car, that wants my cash right away.

I've been looking at everything from a standard Hypergear hi-flow to a second hand GCG hi-flow and even a used HKS GTRS. So around that $1000-$1500 price range is what I'm willing to spend.

I even sent a standard turbo to Hypergear to get hi-flowed two weeks ago, no reply since, even to direct enquiries about the progress. Must have got lost in the post so screw it, damn thing wasn't worth anything anyway. I'll spend my cash elsewhere now.

So let me know what you have got.


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Have you sent Stao a PM on here?

Or even post in the Hypergear thread in the Forced Induction section. If you read through there you'll see his service is pretty amazing. I imagine there is a reasonable excuse why you've not heard back.

For your budget I can't see how you could go past a HG.

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