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Turbo Whine Of Death.. Need Assistance In Chasing Down Replacement Or Possible Upgrade Rb25 Neo


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So last weekend the car developed a really bad turbo whine from idle to 3000RPM , still mostly holding boost, but has developed flat spots in the mid range. Babying the car until I can find a replacement.

I have had a look at a few places with no luck. Looking at spending this weekend at swapping it out. Could someone please point me in the right direction who would have supply? Or suggest an ideal bolt on upgrade? I will be getting a tune if I go down this path.

Location is Sydney.

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Option 1 - Find another turbo off a neo - cheap but may not last

2. Send your turbo (or buy another cheapy) to Hypegear - other upgrades required... see below

3 I have been down the road of the GCG ball bearing rebuild - it works well but for very little more you could get a brand new GT3076.

You could run it at low boost for a while but ideally you will need all of the following (hopefully you have some already)

1. 3in turbo back exhaust

2 Z32 afm

3 Bigger injectors

4 New better fuel pump

5. Better intercooler

and then you should beef up your brakes and suspension and auto (ot better still get a GTR box)!

You mention a tune so I assume you already have some kind of aftermarket ecu (Nistune at least).

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At the moment I'm assuming that turbo is currently on it's way out. I will probably remove the intake this evening and inspect the blades and play . I have recorded it and currently Uploading to youtube. I will post in here too better examine if someone could assist me.

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You are welcome to replace thousands of dollars worth of parts on an assumption but I would be looking for tell tale signs that you have a gasket leak because you almost certainly do have one.

Exhaust manifold studs snap routinely on these engines as they get older. These threads pop up every few months and pretty much the same result.

If you are bored go to Forced Induction and search "+turbo + whine".

Have a good look for signs of carbon build up around the manifold or around the turbo/manifold gasket.

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If it is your turbo look into kando turbos, relatively cheap alternative, very happy with mine so far much better then stock and I believe there is already a massive thread on here about them if u want to read up

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