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Help Needed. Rb25 Neo. Removing Vct To Change Cam Seal


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Hey everyone.

So i'm doing a massive service and I'm taking off the cam gears to do cam seals.

I got the exhaust gear off fine but the VCT on the intake had an 8mm hex which i took of but it was more like a cap and there appears to be another hex behind it a bit larger, maybe a 10mm I think it was. It seems on there pretty tight, a lot tighter than the 4 bolts for the exhaust cam.

Now before i go messing around is this the one i need to remove to pull the vct stuff off or is there another sneaky thing I need to do and if so when i put it back what do i torque it up to?

The workshop manual doesn't have breakdown procedures for things which sucks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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got someone to hold a shifter with a bar on it on the cam and got it off however the VCT/cam gear assembly doesn't want to come off.

I Tried a wooden wedge but it just flexed the backing plate more than anything, I even tried tapping lightly with a hammer and no luck.

I shouldn't have to loosen the front cap should i?

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