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new around here guys!

we have an old skyline r31 gxe which was my dad's first car, we've had it since brand new i think!

its now come to the point where we either have to just sell it to a car junk yard or one of me or my younger siblings take it.

im 20, ive always hated the car! since it was ugly and really never wanted to be seen in it!!!!!

it was almost sold a few years back but my dad has grown an emotional attachment to it *LOL i wonder why the rear tyres are always bald*

today it just snapped to me, that i wanted to "do" it up...

but theres a few problems with it

so im just wondering would it be worth my time and money "doing" it up or just selling it?

im not a car enthusiastic but slowly starting to become one!!

thanks in advance for any replies :)

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R31s are not my game but

Yours being an Australian delivered R31 and there being many of them, they arent very interesting to people.

However if you like it then go ahead.

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Ouch ^^

Hurts man.

The 31's grow on you but i would never recommend modding one unless its for you to enjoy, it most definitely wont be a money making experience.

Shoot over to www.r31skylineclub.com, check out the Wiki and threads they have all the info you will seek there

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each to there own but the r31 import or oz built are a good solid car with endless mod possibilities. ive got a small collection of r31s and love them.

as said above check out r31skylineclub its where its at for r31's


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