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1St/2Nd Year Apprentice Carpenter/plasterer Req


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Hey guys, looking for an apprentice who has own transport and is reliable for full time work as a carpenter or plasterer. Our work is generally in eastern suburbs and we do some city work aswell. If anyone is interested pm me. Cheers Pete.

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    • Hey all I have an 99 R34 sedan - RB25DE NEO and it’s running rich/poor but I’m not sure why. It was running poor when I bought it and the only thing the PO did before hand was drop the cat which he said caused the issue (Unsure if that’s true or not) The car has a chop while idling but once it warms up properly it runs smooth but still has the CEL. I ran the code and it gave me a MAF issue so I used sensor clean which didn’t work then replaced it with an aftermarket MAF but from a reliable seller which gave me code 55 but it still runs poor. I’ve also replaced the coil packs and checked the spark plugs and raised the O2 sensor out of the exhaust to allow it to get more air but still nothing. Any help would be great as I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to diagnose this issue. Here’s a vid of it idling  hope someone else has had this issue and can help fix it thanks    
    • That seems different from the one on the R33, which is almost identical to the coolant temp sensor used by the gauge. Basically just a rectangular large flat blade single terminal device.
    • Intake air regulator is not the same as AAC valve. Intake air regulator is only there to raise the idle airflow at cold start. After a certain amount of engine runtime the shutter should fully close and all idle airflow goes through the AAC valve instead.
    • Depending on the coolant temperature and on the target engine RPM it closes and opens quickly to achieve the required target. It's a kind of duty cycle.
    • Nope. No idea. What do you mean by "bolt" anyway? The banjo bolt? You asking about the head or the thread?
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