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Removing Internal Fuel Pump


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Just wanted to ask before I brake something...

I need to pull my bosh 044 I tank out to visualy check it, I assume I just unscrew the plate ontop and it pulls out?

Is ther anything more to this, anything I cannot do or cannot let happen?

Also I also assume their is a rubber seal here somewhere, do I just get a replacement and replace?

Sorry if it's a noob question but I'm already having pump problems I don't want to compound them by Doug so

Ethin stupid I assumed was easy.

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Make sure theres no dirt and crap that can easily fall in then you undo all the bolts and you should be able to gentle lift it out, it will catch on the float when it's almost all the way out so be careful and just swindle it out gently.

The seal will expand bigger than the groove when it comes out making it a prick to sit back in to seal it, a trick is to put the seal in the freezer to shrink it enough to sit back in the seal groove.

Do a search, there has to be someone that has documented the process on the interwebs somewhere.

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When I took my fuel pump out, I just replaced the seal. I tried putting the old one back on but it was a bit annoying and the new fuel pump came with a new seal anyway.

If you worried about the wiring falling into the tank dont, It wont fall in. Like was mention above just make sure none of the fuel line clamps or fuel cell cover bolts fall in.

Also my advice is to wait untill you have less than 1/4 of a tank of petrol or less!

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My tank has shit in it, it blocks the mesh cover of my pump,

It's booked in next Friday to have the tank removed cleaned and new pump installed properly.

Last pump I removed the mesh filter was caked.

It's now rapidly getting to the undrivable point and I want to see if I can unclog the mesh to last 1 week. If I half cock up te seal that will be ok till next week yeah? Cos I will..... I can be a bit mechanically special sometimes :P

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