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Cheap Bilstein Rebuild.

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I am a tight ass and after getting quoted $800 to rebuild a set of Bilstein coilovers I want searching for a DIY option. Doesn't look too difficult, have to tap a schrader valve in the bottom of the shock to discharge/recharge the nitrogen pressure and require some sort of clamp to press the piston/shaft back in. DIY videos on youtube, pretty much the same process for most monotube shocks used on motorcycles and 4x4's.

Parts can be found here: www.gwracing.com.au

Top oil seal: $27 each (whole metal piece, including seals/plastics etc.)

Bottom plug(seperate oil/nitrogen): $20 each

Just had a quick look to get an idea, may need to replace the bit that goes around the valve(not sure what its called.) however I didn't look at the price. If anyone else recommends replacing anything else please let me know.

Also called RAD Motorcycle shock repairs and got quoted approximately $100 per pair assuming I supply the parts. They are in Brisbane. Was going to do it myself but at that price I may aswell leave it to someone who knows what they are doing.

Have not got this done yet but thought others may find this info usefull. I presume other places that do motorcycle shocks will do the same thing if you aren't located in Brisbane, have a ring around.

Works out around $400 from quotes, alot cheaper than the original quote I obtained.

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