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Part Number For Nm35 Fuel Filter.


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When I ordered one last the dealer (Main North Nissan in Adelaide) had a listing for the Stagea, and were quite happy to double check the part numbers were the same with NM35 and 350Z. They did everything and I put it in on the long weekend, right as rain.

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Obviously thought that's a fairly reasonable price for a throwaway part. :rolleyes:

Nissan staff are clearly being paid too much.

Losing touch with the common man. :yes:

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It's fairly straight forward, other than it's in the tank. Only attempt it with a low fuel level.

If you plan to do it, make sure you have the Stagea filter PN: 16400-4M405 as the V35/350z one is different.

Also replace the tank Oring pn: 17342-01A00

And it would be a good idea to replace the filter outlet Oring PN: 17049-4M400 as they usually leak causing low fuel pressure.

Make sure when you do the 6 screws back up you take it easy, they are extremely soft and easily strip.

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I just replaced mine 2 days ago,the part number is 16400-4m405 strainer assembly (same as scotty quoted)

was easy job, about 1/2 hr, watch out for the pressure in the fuel line when you take them off (will spray a fair distance.) and yes (again scottys right) the screws will strip easy if not careful (did one myself :P)

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