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What Could Have Caused This Damage To My V?

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Hey guys,

I noticed a pretty bad chip on my V recently, but its in a really strange place.

Do you guys know what could have caused it?

The only thing I could think of is that I was parked on a fairly busy road (only a 60KM speed limit) and a cars flicked a rock up somehow.

I couldn't imagine something being able to spin around the wheel and release at that point.

It also seems like the object has hit my bumper twice (wrapped around?).

I'm fairly certain it's easily repairable, just annoying.


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hey mate i have one as well its from stress the front bar would have scraped and bent and the paint would have cracked and flaked off. mine is almost identical but a bit higher with less cracks.

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Completely off topic, those Vertini wheels. Mate how do you rate them? after seeing yours i'm seriously considering getting a set. I was looking at Verrstoen's for about $1500 a set but an extra $500 gets me 20" and FAR better looking rims. Let me know!

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They're not bad wheels. They look the part. I'd say they're a bit on the heavy side - but if you're going for looks (and if you're look at 20s) then it doesn't really matter how much they weigh. If you can find me a set of 370z 19inch Forged Ray's i'll be happy to sell you mine :D

I'm getting the rear two replaced next week (clear seal is peeling, apparently not normal - free of cost of course) and putting new tyres on. I'm just a bit tired of looking at them now, feel like I need a change.

A better pic of the rims:



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I love them, talking to a guy named Matt from JDMimportwheels.com who's going to supply me some.

What tires have you gone with and how much would i be looking at for a set just for the tires?

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