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24 Hours Of Le Mans


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Channel 10 feed is up and down, but I am enjoying streaming it to my TV from iPad, great to see so much of Le Mans this year, can't believe those Audi's both so close together.

Whoa, that was a horrible accident, hope he's ok.

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I haven't been following only just turned on for the last hour so was wondering was Davidson or the other Toyota near the front when they got taken out or were they nowhere on the Audi's?

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Very depressing watching LeMans this year, was meant to have some of my design work and sponsorship out on track ( again ) but the deal fell through at the last minute :(

Driver attempts to repair the delta wing to get it back to the pits.

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378 laps by the winners

5151.8 km distance covered by the winners

40th victory of a French driver

33 pit stops for the winning car

29th victory for a German car

29th victory for a closed car

27th victory for a German driver

21 retirements

21st victory for Michelin and 15th consecutive

12th victory for a car with race number 1

11th victory for Audi (00, 01, 02, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 10, 11, 12)

8th victory for a pole position car

8th victory for a team that won the previous year

7th victory for a diesel powered car

5th the position of the best rookie in 2012, Marco Bonanomi.

3:24.180 : The fastest lap of the race by Marc Gené

3rd consecutive podium for Lotterer-Tréluyer-Fässler

3rd consecutive class win for Julien Canal (GTE Am).

2nd consecutive victory for Lotterer-Tréluyer-Fässler

2nd victory for a Swiss driver

1st victory for a hybrid powered car

1st victory for a car with non-permanant 4 wheel drive.

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