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I am currently on my L's and getting close to my P's, i'm looking at getting a Skyline R33 for my car, i'm in Queensland and the law says no turbo vehicles, so far i haven't found a non-turbo R33 for sale but i was wondering if the car comes with auto as standard if that would be ok to drive and if not then would anyone know a non turbo version for sale, preferably white and under 100km's.

Thanks in advance

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yes there are auto versions..

clearly you haven't looked at carsales as there is 8 for sale at the moment..


apart from the colour it fits your needs


whilst skylines are great fun i would take the time to do some reading on this site.. mainly the FAQ's and technical sections as this will give you an idea of common problems etc.. I would suggest getting a cheap 4 cylinder daily until you are off your P plates. r32's and r33's are getting quite old and can be a headache if the car isn't in good condition.. If money isn't a problem then go for gold.. Just don't be like most P platers in auto non turbo skylines who think they are boy racers..

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don't worry about the kms on the clock, especially an auto non turbo. the kms on the clock are often false. and yes an auto skyline is fine to drive. by no means fast, but fine to drive.

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I agree with defari, buy a nice economical 2 cylinder and put the money you save on fuel, rego and insurance away. then when you come off your P's you have all that money to get ur GTS-T and put some mods on it. also you dont want the cop attention, especially when ur on ur P's

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