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Rb26 Cam Cover Bolt Grommets.

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Building my motor and making it nice and shit

What have you guys used instead of the rubber grommets that the cam cover bolts sit on? as ive lost half of mine and they are all f**ked and ugly

Nissan want $5 each which is absolute bullshit when i can be spending that money on finishing the rest of the car off


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Kudos motorsports may be a tad cheaper depending on postage from either places...

I was thinking of using rubber or a sealing washer of sorts with some new wide head allen key bolts and do away with the std seals and bolts, way cheaper and look nicer. Im sure someone else did this, maybe psi parts project car, he listed some replacement bolt sizes in his build thread, cant remember if rocker cover bolt seals were one of the one he replaced or not.

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Not the best photo but I bought all the rubber washers from just jap and got m6 x 25mm inhex marine grade bolts for mine. Looks better then stock.

Dodgy photo but its the only one I have


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