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R33 Gts-T Rb25Det Auto Aftermarket Ecu

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Good evening,

Please take it easy on me i'm new to this so here goes.

I have bought a r33 gts-t skyline rb25det auto. I want to get

an aftermarket ecu but everybody is telling me i cant cause it's

an auto. Is it possible to get an aftermarket ecu and still run the auto ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Piggy back Ecu. I use an Emanage Ultimate. Although any hope for decent numbers will be a no no. Mine managed 220rwkws but it has issues. Same mods as mine a manual car will have about 60 rwkws more.

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Get anything on the market that will plugin.

R33 Auto has its own auto ECU. May delay the shift from 1st to second by about 500 rpm but that's it.

Will function normally other wise.

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Yeah nistune in z32 auto ecu into R33 is an ass.. its not quite right.

Powerfc or any full plug in works (a HYPED6 posted), the only issue is a lower rpm lock out to drop back to first from second.

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