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Ipod Integration Chord

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hey guys upgrading to the double din wif screen subs etc lookin at settin me bak 3g+

Therefore selling the ipod integation set up. Bought from CHRIS ROGERS at AUDIO EXPRESS BRISBANE $300+ roughly. Only had in v35 for 3 mths. QUALITY STUFF

Sounds amazing through ipod/iphone etc

Charges your phone insanely quick whilst playing your songs!!


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Yeh exactly right. It allows you to play straight from your ipod/iphone at the sound quality of a cd if not better. Perfect for those guys that dont want to spend 3k on an audio set up but still dont want those shocking fm transmitter quality of sound.

I have a 2 yr old iphone and it charges it to 100% in about 10mins. Also stops if you receive a call to allow you to pick up your call. Can still browse safari, text and everything while it plays.

Check it out on google, they are a good solution for someone who wants clear sound audio but doesnt want to spend the big $$ on replacing the whole original set up.

Only selling because wana put mine in some car shows as of next year so yeah want to spend some big $$ on the audio setup.

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Yes u can control steering, also control everything via head unit eg volume skip tracks alter bass treb. Also mutes for phone calls so you dont miss any calls. Great product for price.

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