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Spray Painters Doing Cashies?


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i heard that if you buy the paint and take it to the ECU paint shop they will paint you're car for free as practice.

might be the same deal for MITA just look into it.

obviously you take the risk of it not being a pro finish but they shouldnt be to bad.

just an idea?

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Found this guy on FB of all places by fluke>>> http://www.mtcautobodyrepairs.com.au/

Seems to do a good job and prices are reasonable as far as I have been quoted. Going to get quote on my R33 this Saturday as well. Feel free to drop him a line and if you emai him picks he can usually quote off them too..

Tell him JD sent ya as told him I would spread the word as believe he is a bit sought after...

Also he is NOR near Hocking..


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Well JD

After arranging to have bonnet, mirrors and rear wing painted, sent pics etc, all quoted up

Drive nearly one hour (and gf drives to pick me up) had to be up early to get the car to him when he wanted it

He then says "dents look bigger than pics, is it fibreglass?" (I sent pics with tape measure and told him its factory aluminium)... Alarm bells

Then "I only quoted to tape up and paint part of mirror, not whole mirror"

Then "well I can't do wing, that will take too long"

This was all after photos, descriptions and a quote (said he needed 2 days to do the work) - admittedly I had to wait a few weeks to get the car in (cos he was busy) - but all the detail was provided

Anyone else had any experiences with this guy they'd like to share?

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