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For Sale R33 Gts-T


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Hi guys - I've got my very loved R33 for sale - silver - will post pics if there is any interest. I'll start with the story... I've owned her for 7 years and have used solely for a commuter. She's not hotted up in any way really - and has been well looked after. Oil change every 5k to 7k religiously... Same mechanic has looked after her since day one. BUT I've just had word that I need about $3k in repairs to get her back to tip top. Explanation further...

Recent repairs:


New Shocks

New Steering all round (the works done here)

Gates Racing 100k service kit - done about 3 months ago - inc water pump etc - the whole lot done

Injectors taken out and cleaned about 3 months ago as well

Oil change to the gear box and diff about 12 months ago

Iridium Sparkies just done

New brakes on the front

New arial motor (reco)

Battery about 12 months old - closed cell (only mention because it was expensive)

Problems Mechanical:

Rocker Cover gasket needs doing

Tyres need changing

Power steering pump has a whine

Clutch has a whine

Problems appearance:

Needs a new front spoiler - it's ok but looks ratty

Got keyed down the right hand side from back to front (worst of it ends at the drivers door)

Dints on the bonnet and the passenger door (just small ones but they are noticeable)

Tear in the drivers seat - about 10cm long

Power mirror button doesn't work anymore

That's about it - I haven't taken pics of her because I'm really not sure if anyone will be interested - and I can trade her in if it comes down to that - but I'd prefer her to go to someone who actually gives a crap about her.

PM if you're interested please and if I get responses I'll take pics.

Oh, price: I'd like to get about $5k because I've spent more than that in the last 18 months. Negotiable though.

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