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what year?

from memory (and this is stretching it back about 10 years) its a no in most cases, something along the lines of the turbo hitting? Cant remember correctly and more than happy to be corrected.

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agin correct me please if i am wrong but doesn't the Nx run a east-west motor (FWD)?

Been so dam long since i looked at one of those little guys.

Nope, you are 100% correct, and changing a FWD block for a RWD block is anything BUT straight forward

I question why you want a SR20DET in it in the first place.

I can't trust FWD cars for the life of me xD

You drive a commodore, your opinion is invalid.

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let me clarify for the OP's sake.

an n14 gtir or u13 bluebird awd motor will fit and can use the sr20de fwd manual trans, these are common conversions on the sss as they are east -west fwd motors which the nx coupe shares with the awd models. the vct blacktop can be done but it gets complicated and others prefer the bigger injectors, stronger bottem end, solid lifters and quad tbs of the gtir motor.

protip* my blacktop will fit the datsun ute with little hassle though.

this i can agree too! although (and i know he wont, but thats a different conversation) something a little "different" would be cool too....

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