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Airbag Light Reset

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I have removed seat belts from my R35 and installed racing harnesses and now have an airbag light flashing at me. I have now install the resistors that are needed to trick ecu into thinking there are still airbag sensors but I need to reset light. Does anyone know how to do this???

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I did this only this morning

1. Turn ignition switch from OFF to ON.

2. Air Bag warning lamp is on for 7 seconds and turns off, then turn ignition switch OFF within 1 second after the lamp turn off.

3. After ignition switch is turned OFF, wait for more than 3 seconds.

4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 two more times. (Perform 3 times in total.)

5. Turn Ignition switch ON.

6. The SRS lamp has been reset.

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