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Manual Boost Controller.

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If I turn the manual boost controller to minimum(completely loosen it/anti clockwise?) should it run pretty close to stock boost? I.e. The valve in the mbc will release at low boost and the boost I make just be governed by the wastegate?

If the previous owner has had it turned up to 15psi and had it tuned and I turn it down can I be causing it problems. Run too rich? Just using the stock ECU. Should/can I reset the ECU? I don't like learning others settings and would rather start as close to stock as possible and adjust things as I require more power.

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Yeah he didn't say it was tuned at this boost but I found an old dyno sheet that said it was done at 15psi and I was unsure if the fuel map could be changed at all on the stock ecu. I'll keep the mbc because I will up it once I have gotten used to the car.

Should I reset the ECU once I have turned the boost right down? Will the boost ever go below stock or is this not possible without changing the wastegate spring (i.e. running the mbc turned right down will be close to the same as not running at all, will not drop below stock boost.)

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No need to reset the ECU.

Lots of people think it helps

Thousands think it doesn't

Up to you really but just unplug your battery and drain the power. Plug back and away you go.

Also you can't go below stock boost without changing waste gate but seriously what's the point 7psi will not hurt a damn thing

I'm running 20-21 on stock engine and its holding up fine (touch wood)

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