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Is This Normal Shifter Movement?


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Hey guys

I have just bought my first Skyline. Going from 1st to 2nd can be a bit rough. Is it normal to have this much play in the shifter?

(click on the image)


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Nah that's not normal. Is it a short shifter?

Probably missing a clip or the plastic cradle thingy? Pull the shifter and all the bits holding in, out and take a pic, and the bits under the shifter Then we see what's missing

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There should be a nylon seat under the circlip that holds the lever in place;


Also seen in this pic;


If this is worn or missing, you'll have a lot of slop.

Yours appears to be AWOL; get down to Nissan & buy a new one.

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I pulled mine out. The 2 piece nylon ring around the middle of the stick is loose. I tried to press it back together but its still sloppy.

Am I able to buy just this part or do I need to buy a whole kit.

Ebay have "quick" shifters for about $80 delivered.

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