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Genuine Te37's 17X9" Dark Blue With Six Tyres

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Genuine TE37's 17x9" Dark Blue +6 Tyres.

17x9" TE37's that came on my car when I imported it from Japan in 2005. No they are not fakes, they're the real thing. Very light with Rays Engineering & Made In Japan stamped on the back and of course are very light.

Not too sure about the offset as the stickers are long gone but they are a pretty aggressive offset as per the pictures of them on my 32GTR. I don't know if they'll fit under your guards on your car.

Are a little blasted and also have some minor rash.

2 of them have RE540's 255 40 - bald.

Other 2 have new Michelin Drice 235 45 on them, also another two new Michelin tyres unfitted.

No centre caps.

Reason for sale : Have moved to wider TE37's.

Location : Hawthorn East, Melbourne. Will ship if buyer arranges courier.


Contact  : 0425 730 031







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On 6/24/2012 at 8:39 PM, Owgasm said:

If they are in fact 17x9, i'd put money on them being +22 or +15.

I was under the impression that R32s struggled a bit with +12 offset, but the owner did say they're quite aggressive at the moment.


wow just found this post again, from when I thought i'd sell these wheels.

Ends up they're 17x9 +0 (yes, 0 offset TE37's - they stick out further than my +12 9.5 TE37's). Long discontinued by Rays.
Glad I kept them. The call for another set of TE37's is strong. Anyway .....back to my beer.

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5 minutes ago, niZmO_Man said:

Sorry, I should have said "pretty much the same as" :D

I should also add that when Racepace took the front brake setup off to replace them,, they discovered a dodgy spacer setup (had some sort of Brembo setup when I got the car from Japan). Hence the front wheels now sit slightly more into the guards then in that photo.

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