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Only Firing On 2 Cylinders

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So we've just finished building up a RB30, now at the monent its been reverted to the standard RB25DE fueling system (injectors ecu and afm) off a working engine.

It has brand new spark plugs, correct cam timing, correct cas timing, fuel is getting to all cylinders and 110+ PSI of pressure (old school compression tester with rubber bung). we have tested the coil packs and yet it will only run on cylinders 1 & 3.

I have changed the CAS, and checked the wiring for the coil packs. everything apprears to be fine.

I have spoken to numous people including mechanics regarding the problem, we are out of ideas.

Has anyone had this issue or similar in the past, and what did it turn out to be / what should be my next move.

Thanks in advance, Matt

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Bolt in the centre of the ECU not pulled completely in? Also push the ends of the blue connector.

Only reason I say this is i've seen similar before.

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^^ Iv had exactly this before, was more like 4 cylinders but hardly went let alone move the car..

Make sure you push the connector together not just relying on the bolt to pull it.

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Cheers, lll make sure I check the connections when it stops raining. The ecu repOrts code 21 primary ignition signal fault. Anyone know what this means? I'm on a phone ATM which makes searching difficault

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