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Hks Evc6 Vs Turbosmart Eboost 2

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Plenty of threads on boost controllers, but nothing on the new Jap spec EVC6, and nothing comparing these two specifically, so figured I'd give this a crack.

I need a boost controller for my Stagea. ECU will be a HKS Fcon V Pro, turbo just a high flow. I've already upgraded fuel pump and an adjustable FPR. I'm slowly doing all the supporting mods before I get the high flow and tune the ECU, and one of those is the boost controller.

I'm looking at the HKS EVC6 and the Turbosmart EBoost 2. Main thing is that it does a good job and is relatively easy to setup. I like the fact that I can tune boost by RPM or speed on the EVC using EasyWriter, but I'm not sure how practical that is. Just seems to cater for more expansion later.

I don't currently have a boost gauge.

Anyone got experience with one or both of these? Any particular issues with the solenoid and the actual boost control?

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go the evc6, I had a turbosmart eboost and it was to slow to catch how fast the car would come on boost and would go into warning mode and turn off boost, I tried everything I could then gave it to CRD and still would do it, so I put a HKS EVC in and straight away it worked properly and no more issues

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I chose an EVC 5 as I have read they are reliable

And a couple of mates swear by them.... The EVC 6 is very similar, the stepper motor is smaller, you get a pretty colour screen and I think 3 or 4 boost settings..... I find it hard to justify the extra $200 for little....

BUT, haven't really had a proper experience, my car is on the dyno now, tuner is happy, so I assume it's all good

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

So am I correct in thinking so far the EVC is the better unit, and the stepper motor on the EVC is better than the solenoid on the eboost2?

I'll have another look and see if I want (and can justify) the extra features of the 6.

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eBoost is overpriced. It just uses a pretty typical valve, similar to MAC valves. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same thing just with eBoost stickers all over it. Have a look on eBay and you'll see similar yumcha spec boost controllers using identical valves. Even the PowerFC boost kit uses the same valve (I owned one so I can comment) I thought it wasn't that great for the money, honestly a turbotech ball bearing valve could have done the same job, my friend with the Blitz Dual Solenoid would hold boost flatter then the PowerFC boost kit could ever.

For the same money get a Blitz Dual Solenoid one OR like you mentioned baller spec EVC6 with a stepper motor

See the resemblance?

eBoost Solenoid


MAC Valve




PowerFC Boost Kit


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