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Misfire At Idle /rb25Det Sll


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Hey, sauers

I've searched and read a lot of other similar threads but not sure

Misfire at Idle, My car was tuned with standard coil packs and 1.1mm gaped plugs, I started to get a slight misfire when idleing & started to get rough cold start ,

So I got new splitfires coil packs and new spark plugs copper 0.08. Car goes better,

But the Misfire (thud...) is still there at idle, I haven't had a misfire while driving, Could it be a dud spark plug ( Autobarn guy just wacks them on the table to gap them then used round metal thing, Is that the correct proceder?). Or Ignition timing, AAC valve dirty, vacume leak?

Going to go to the mechanic next week or two.Just after your thoughts on what it could/would it be?

Fuel filter,fuel pump,afm have been replaced


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This is completely normal in most nissans, its called a lean pop but 'lean pop' in this instance isnt what u think. It still happens when the idle is tuned at stoich 14.7afr which is a theoretical perfect idle afr. Nearly all Nissans i have done ive had to set the idle afr around 13.2 to avoid the occasional pop in the exhaust. But then theoretically its too rich to most people

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You know... This has me curious, but. I just put a new engine in, and despite the last engine down lacking compression it never done it. Im using same ecu and everything, its just the engine thats changed. It must be something... Might check all the earth points

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