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Thought I would post up and say hello. Just bought a new skyline and thought I would post up and share the love.

Engine: Rb25 Block, CP Pistons, Eagle H beam Rods, Neo head with Solid Lifters, Tomei Cams, Rb25DET Oil Pump, ARP head & Bottom End Kit, Custom Winged Extra Sump 2L, 60mm Waste Gate, HKS Air Pod, ApexiPower FC, Splitfire Coil Packs, 2x Walbro 550HP Fuel Pumps, Rochester 1000cc Injectors, Custom TTR Fuel Rail, Malpassi Fuel Regulator, Borg Warner S400 Turbo with .9 Rear Housing, HKS Style GTR 100mm Tube Fin Intercooler, ACL Race Series Bearings,

Exhaust:UAS Spilt Pulse Exhast Manifold, 3 Inch Exhaust

Suspension: Koni & King Combo

Wheels: 18*8 Knoig Unknown Wheels

Gearbox: 300ZX JATCO 4 Speed Auto with 3 Stage Shift Kit




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Cheers. Loving it for sure. :woot:

Any suggestions on some good light dyno matt? Best place to source it from?

Also any ideas on how I can quite her down a little, the noise is crazy. It actually makes less noise in the high RPM due to the cams, but anything under 4000 is &^%&$ too loud. :unsure:

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