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R32 Gtr Castor Clearance Issues

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I swear this must of been asked 100 times before but i cant find an exact answer by searching!

my 32 gtr is running around 3.5 degrees castor and has touched on the stock bov setup with 265 35 18s

and the thing is i just scored a set of adjustable rods and was thinking of running up to 6 degrees for the track as other people have done

do you have to modify something to get this sort of castor? or are people running 17s or something?


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Your tyre sidewall height + the extra half inch of wheel radius makes the rolling diameter of your wheels exactly the same (within 0.5mm) as a 235x45/17, which is close enough to the standard wheel and tyre size also. So the diameter is not the problem. The width will give you a bigger arc of contact as you turn the wheels left-right.

Question is.....why is your BOV setup able to be seen? Where is your inner guard liner?

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Couldn't see how they have been moved so i fabricated a bracket (cable tied :whistling: ) to get them out of way and managed to wind the rods in 15mm from previous, not sure how much castor I've got now but have massive toe in! Time for a wheel alignment

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