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Hi all,

Yes, I know that this topic has been started 100 times. And yes, before you say it I know that there is the workshop listing stickied in the SA section.

However, none of the previous topics or the recommended workshops satisfy my query.

In short, I have substantial damage to one of my rear guards (dent about 20mm deep about the size of a small football) right on the body line of a 32.

Each thread I searched through had a recommendation for crash repairers of some type, quickly followed by a person coming along and saying "don't use XXXX. They're crap" or the like.

As you could understand, this becomes frustrating as all my previous workshops I have used I have had issues with their work. I want the job done PROPERLY first time. Do it once, do it properly!

Is there any recommendations which people can make (or PM me with!) about getting these problems with my car sorted?



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Surely there are more suggestions/trusted panel beaters in Adelaide?

I have been suggested a painter, however he doesn't panel beat so I need a panel beater to remove the dent.

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located in southern or northers suburbs, looking for a cash job or wanting a crash repair shop?

everyone is going to say good and bad things about all crash shops due to crash shops cant keep EVERYONE happy.

best bet is do some research, get some quotes, have a look at the workshops if your really fussy. sometimes you need to pay thru the nose to get a quality job, as cheap jobs normally end in bodyfiller.

just my 2c, if you have any more q's pm me

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seriously elizabeth paint and pannel ask for pat, done once and very right couldnt recomend him enough

another is a very good workshop kilburn crash had work done by both these places and the best by far and ive been everywhere it seems , ur right tho many places have a good rep from one bloke then another comes along and says dont personal experiances are hard to work out sometimes but ive been to both these place i speak of at least twice each.

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