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Lowering Springs?

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I want to lower my r34 gtt. It currently has stock suspension, so factory height- as i want to prepare it to get some decent rims (someone advised me to do my suspension before getting rims)

I'm looking at lowering it maybe 25mm. Does anyone know if that's a decent height to make it look good, but not adversely affect my driving?

I've been googling around but not sure what brand to get. I don't want anything too expensive (not looking for coilovers because they're out of my price range at the moment), was thinking Tein 'S' tech springs, but I can't seem to find out where they sell them in Australia.

If there's any other brand that I can find in Australia, could someone please recommend any? Or any place in Australia that sells the Tein's lol.


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Just buy Kings springs. Low, not super low. You really should upgrade your dampers at the same time. New, stiffer springs + old worn out OEM dampers = fail. Buy Bilstein dampers + Kings springs and be happy.

You will want to get some 24mm adjustable anti-roll bars fro front and rear too. Can happen later. But put them on your list.

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are dampers the same as shocks? Also, I would need to get springs specifically for r34 right? And where could I get the springs for the cheapest price?

sorry for all the questions, just don't want to stuff up anything, and make sure my car is getting what is deserves :) lol

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