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R32 Gts4 Stolen From Chirnside Park. Last Seen In Preston. Please Keep An Eye Out For Car Or Parts


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Hi all.

My mate got his GTS4 stolen yesterday 22nd June from Chirnside park shopping centre.

Was last seen in preston going 150kph and cops did not pursue because was going too fast.

If you see any cheap parts and think it may be related to this car please contact me via PM and I'll pass on to owner and he'll pass on to cops.

Some parts to look out for:

Blitz return flow front mount. shiny.

Black R33 GTR rims with rash and Yokohama 225/45/17.

HKS Coilovers.

mis-matched front bumper colour.

small dint right rear quarter.

Wingless boot lid


Big skyline sticker on back window.






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Forgot about this thread. The car was found in a very bad state. The idiot rang a tow truck to pick it up from his house! The tow truck driver ran the numbers and called police. It was found in northcote. Not sure what will happen to the thief.

Unfortunately the only thing to do is wreck what is left... At least he got it back. Better than nothing.

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by bad state... you mean cracked bumpers, dented panels etc? or mechanically ruined?

Lots gone

Bar, cooler, lights, air box, koyo rad, bonnet, R32 GTR seats, scratched every panel etc...

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